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Every “Märchentasse'' (Märchen = fairy tail; tasse = cup) is hand built and unique. This makes me free in form and size. My cups might have a dragon tail for a handle or some swirls, curls, bubbles and “fluffels”.

I like to recycle clay from cut offs. These I use to recompose another cup sometimes.
I'm surprised when there is the head of a stag looking at me after I squeezed clay bits together for a handle. 

In this case I worked the stag head more into visibility and that's it then. 

Often the clay shows me what it wants to be and I support it to get into it`s shape. 

l love to work with laze which gives the cup a pattern in addition to it's wild shape.

Sometimes it turns out that I do couples of cups that often happens within one collection.

Their various glazes open sensual experiences while using and drinking.


Magic is the most important thing about my Märchentassen. The chance to heal the structure of water molecules within tea and coffee. Therefore I stamp the "flower of life" into each cup

and the word "love" on the base.

This makes my Märchentassen truly magical artefacts.

© 2013 by Sophie-Louise Bachnick. All rights reserved.

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